Fujifilm e-Photo


e-Photo was a digital image print ordering application for the French market. One version of e-Photo required an online connection at the end of the ordering process to upload photos to the server and for online payment. In a second version, the order is prepared fully offline. Once completed, the order is burnt on a CD-ROM that can be dropped at any Fujifilm-affiliated photo store for processing, and payment is made at pick-up time.

My role

My role was to design and specify the user interface and to develop the visual design of the application. I was also responsible for its customization for multiple Fujifilm-affiliated stores.

Problem statement

In 2004 a significant number of users in France did not have an always-on internet connection and paid their connection on a per-minute basis, or even had no internet connection at all. e-Photo addresses this issue by allowing users to place orders mostly or fully offline.


Print ordering can be seen as a linear process where users have to follow prescribed steps in order to complete their orders. Therefore it was natural to choose a wizard as task flow where users are guided step by step through the ordering process.

To create a familiar shopping environment for people with basic internet skills, I designed the print ordering page as close as possible to a traditional print ordering envelope. The most popular print size and quantity are pre-selected allowing for a speedy ordering process.

An alternative print ordering page displaying the thumbnails of the selected images was also created for more advanced users. The "advanced order"/"express order" button at the bottom of the page allows for easy switching between the two pages while any selection already made is retained.

To report progress on the sometimes lengthy upload process, the photo upload page displays one progress bar showing the progress of the overall upload process and one progress bar below each photo.

Express print ordering page

Advanced print ordering page

Photo upload page

Order confirmation page


The application launched in 2005 and was distributed for free on CD-ROM or as download on the Fujifilmnet website. e-Photo was also customized for Fujifilm distributors, each having different business rules, product catalogs and delivery methods. The customization was done mostly by custom graphics and custom style sheets.

Customized version or e-Photo for Auchan (a large market store comparable to Target)